Selby Lane

Just a little history on how Selby Lane came to be. Selby is my mothers maiden name. She grew up in Apple Grove, WV on a little county road. Years ago the state decided to name the streets instead of using numbers like County Rd 2. So since my grandparents had been on the street the longest they asked my Papaw Earl what he would like to name it. He chose Selby Lane. Thats where my original logo looking like a street sign came from. I also named my daughter who is now 4 Selby. Selby Wynn Blanton. Her middle name is my mother-in-laws middle name so we made both Mamaws very happy!

I began sewing the Fall of 2010 when I was pregnant with baby #2 , a little boy. I decided that I wanted to try and make his bedding for his nursery. I borrowed an old machine from a friend. Figured out how to thread it and just sorta taught myself along the way! In addition we were a bit strapped for cash that Christmas so I made about 80% of all the gifts that we gave out that year! Little by little I started finding simple tutorials online and it sort of snowballed from there!

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