I had a blog a few years back when I first started Selby Lane. I literally only posted every few weeks or even months and I was pretty sure that no one was reading other than maybe my Mom so I just stopped. I wrote about some projects or crafts I was working on, or I would have some cute little pictures of my kids. But after awhile it seemed like such a struggle to find something to write about.

Now, fast forward 4-5 years and my kids are about to turn 9 and 6! Yikes! They are both in school all day so I was hoping this year would allow me some more time to devote to my shop and maybe even start this back up. So 

So far its been a struggle. We moved this past summer and started in a new school district, (which we adore!) My work schedule has changed a lot and I just haven't purposed the time to do these things that I was so excited to do!

Now I am passionate about my faith, my family and my church family. I love to sew and read.  I have many things that I participate in outside the home and my job at a hospital. I enjoy these things but one extra little thing about me is my passion, (obsession?) with all things Disney.

Ever since I was small I have always loved the classic Disney movies, books, you name it! As a child we went to Florida for vacations a lot so I was blessed to go to Disney World a number of times and I swear I remember every trip! 

So I have decided to use this little spot on the internet to write about some of these things I have learned about, love and continue to enjoy today! I have a plethora of books all about the start of Disneyland and so on, as well as books on some of the famous imagineers that helped to create it all!

So if you are so inclined, join along and maybe learn some new stuff you didn't know about ! I'm sure every now and then I'll have some sewing posts, or family posts as well.